Review: Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick


Stella Gordon is lying. In fact, Stella Gordon isn’t even her real name. After witnessing a deadly crime, Stella is now a member of the witness protection program. In order to keep her safe, so she can testify against her mother’s dangerous drug dealer, she is sent to the rolling hills of Thunder Basin, Nebraska. Being forced to leave her life behind and keep her identity a secret has not been easy. Especially after she meets Chet, someone who she wants nothing more than to be her true self with. Though the seclusion of Nebraska offers Stella a small sense of security, the feeling of danger always lingers. Even though she tries her hardest to keep her story safe and remain hidden, secrets have a way of working themselves out and Stella is one slip away from bringing danger straight to her doorstep.


Overall Rating: 4/5
Genre: Young Adult
POV: First person
Read this if you like: Thrillers, Romance
Would I recommend to a friend? Ya!


My Thoughts Overall…

Becca Fitzpatrick… I don’t know why you switched to writing thrillers but it definitely works for you! Probably like most of you, I originally heard of Becca Fitzpatrick when the Hush, Hush saga came out. I thought it was a pretty good series so I remember when she came out with Black Ice I was like… is this the same Becca? Going from paranormal romance to thriller? I was a little hesitant at first but now that I have read both Black Ice and Dangerous Lies I think I actually have enjoyed her thrillers more than I ever did the Hush, Hush saga and I hope she keeps those thrillers coming!

Dangerous Lies (I just wrote Dangerous Ice, haha, clearly I’m tired) was a thoroughly entertaining read, complete with twists, mystery and even a steamy romance. I don’t know about you but those were enough to keep me coming back for more. I’m not ashamed to say I devoured this book. I just had to know what was going to happen. The urge to look ahead and cheat was so strong, but I didn’t! Aren’t you proud?! But that’s probably why I couldn’t stop reading. I thought that the plot was well paced and I never found myself particularly bored, even in the beginning. I think that has something to do with her going to a new town and starting from scratch. Obviously a lot of times in books you’re jumping into a character’s life at a given time and it’s almost like there is this period in the beginning where you need to get familiar with it. It’s almost like you’re walking into a convo mid way through and you need to get your bearings, but once you do you’re fine and you can join in. But in this book, ya you need to get familiar with Stella and what happened to her, but you’re starting this new life with her so I felt like it added that extra layer of interesting.

Also, I thought, for the most part, that this book was well written. I really enjoyed the romance and thought it was well done. I’m actually shocked to say I did because at first I was conflicted because she was leaving a boyfriend behind. The idea of her falling for someone else while her relationship with her boyfriend was up in the air was kinda just eh to me. But, without spoiling, that was resolved and, to me, pretty much became a nonissue. Oh and also the ending? Ya didn’t see it coming and I liked it. Let’s just say Dangerous Lies was an appropriate title.

Even though I couldn’t put this book down, once I was finished I did have some issues with it. To begin there were some characters that I definitely liked and some that I didn’t. One character’s inclusion, in particular, I had a hard time coming to terms with (more below). And Stella? Ya she wasn’t the most likeable character on earth. I understood that she had a hard life and was essentially being ripped from everything she knew, but her rudeness at times really irked me. I mean she was just plain mean to the woman taking her in and while I understand she’s only seventeen, it doesn’t make for a very enjoyable character. Though I have to say that this annoyed me more once I finished. Weird I know. Maybe it was because Stella does grow A TON over the course of the book which I suppose was probably the point of the rudeness (so we could see that growth). But once I saw how it was in the end I was like, wow she really was acting ridiculous. Basically it irked me while reading it but after the book I didn’t see why her attitude had to be quite so large. Sass is ok, but she was definitely in danger of putting some people off which is a shame because she does grow out of it and the book was definitely worth the read. I definitely felt it would have been more endearing had she displayed more moments of warmth early on and then maybe her attitude wouldn’t have been so annoying. Although I will say I think at the end of the book Stella was definitely likeable, at least to me. Ok, moving on. My second gripe with the book had to do with an act of violence that I didn’t really see the point for. I thought at the end it would tie in but really it didn’t so that was just kind of weird to me. I’m thinking it was supposed to be a red herring of sorts, but it didn’t fool me, sorry! And last but not least, there were some loose ends that I would have like to have seen tied up just a slight bit more.

Ok, so in a nutshell… I really did like Dangerous Lies and thought it was an exciting read with a good and thrilling ending. Though it had some flaws in terms of the main character, the character development was solid enough to resolve those. If you liked Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush saga and even if you didn’t, you should definitely check out her YA thrillers. While they’re not perfect (let’s be honesty who is) they are definitely entertaining and if you enjoy thrillers, I don’t think this one would disappoint you.


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My Thoughts Specifically On…


Stella and her secret

Though I think I covered a lot about the likeability of her character above I’m going to just say again that I really was impressed by the amount of growth that she did. In the beginning she was ungrateful, broken, and her rudeness was annoying, but by the end she develops a great relationship with Carmina and really finds her strength and discovers who she really is. As she lets the people of Thunder Basin in, the attitude slowly starts to dissolve. YAY! By the end I thought her character was actually really likeable.

So about that secret…I was literally shocked to find out that she was hiding the fact that her mother was the true killer. Even though I had an inkling she didn’t tell the cops the whole truth, I never guessed it would be that. Oh and how aggravating was it when she called her mom’s friend?! I seriously wanted to reach into the book and rip the phone out of her hands. Grrr.

And finally, I’m really glad that in the end she decided to stay in Thunder Basin because it was clear that she had really found a place that she belonged.



Ok so at first I was convinced that somehow he would come back into it, but he really never did. We find out the shocking secret about him and Stella realizes that he was really a jerk to her all along, especially when she sees how Chet treats her, but we never find out what happened to him. I get that we’re supposed to assume he’s dead, but what really gets me is this…why would he never contact Stella when he was the one to remind her about the email account?! I feel like if he were more non-committal in the beginning his silence would make sense but from how he behaved I thought he would at least contact her in some way. Clearly he’s a big old jerk, but I would have enjoyed a little bit more clarity in the Reed department. And who the heck was he emailing?!



Oh Chet. I really liked his character. He was sensitive and caring yet so strong a protective of Stella. I really enjoyed their relationship. Definitely more so once she was able to mentally say goodbye to Reed, but really it was obvious it was always going to be Chet. It was just a matter of when. Speaking of when’s… when he was in the storm cellar with Stella and went first… there are no words! He is such a good person he was willing to sacrifice his life to give her a chance. In terms of his secret, I really didn’t think it was as big of a secret as he thought it was. Ya he was drinking but we already knew he was arrested anyways. I don’t know it just kind of felt anticlimactic but that’s ok because Stella’s more than made up for it.



Insert eye roll emoji. He was honestly one of my biggest problems with the book. I just want to know why he was there. I’m assuming he was supposed to be a red herring or something but really him figuring out Stella’s identity led to nothing. Sure he led the hit man to her but really he would have found her eventually without the help of Trigger. And why on earth was he mean to the point of physically assaulting Stella. I get that he is a spoiled brat that gets everything he wants, but to the point of beating her up? I don’t really see the point. I thought he maybe would tie in some how with Danny but no. And my biggest issue had to be the probability of him being Reed’s roommate at baseball camp. There are how many people in America and witness protection sends her to a town that just so happens to be the home of Reed’s camp roommate?! Seriously what are the odds. She probably has a better chance winning the lottery. Maybe my practicality is getting in the way here because I know it’s just a book but at the same time I still don’t like when things are just super coincidental like that.



I almost forgot there was one thing at the end of the book that I was kind of like huh? She says that she’s safe from Danny because she lied and he’s not being charged with murder anymore but he is still going to be put away for a long time based on what they found with the search warrant. Maybe I’m wrong but her having lied about Danny is the reason that search warrant was even issued so technically wouldn’t she still be the reason he’s in jail? I feel like he would probably still be pissed about that since he seems pretty crazy! I don’t know maybe I’m just being too picky and should just take it for what it is but for some reason that stuck out to me. I mean I guess she is still not going to testify against him so she’s no longer a direct threat in that sense but I don’t know. I felt like it could maybe have been tied up a little differently.


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